UPDATE: 01/11/2021

US Post Office was hit pretty hard with a lot of cases of Covid-19 over the Holidays.

Shipping can be delayed per their web site to Canada and Other International locations.

Please keep in mind we have absolutely no control of delivery times.

A tracking # will be provided to you when your order ships. And, will be mailed to you through our email system.

The tracking # when you check it and it's showing it's in "Carol Stream, IL USA" which is the last destination (US Custom Clearance Center) before it enters and is handed off to your countries Postal System.

And, it's also up to them (Your Postal Service System in your Country) to update the tracking # NOT the US Postal Service since it's no longer in their (US Postal System) hands.

Please do NOT email us for the status of the order as the tracking # has been provided to you.

Thank you