US Post Office New Shipping Rates - International
As of January 21, 2018 USPS no longer allows International Postage to be issued online through either Stamps.com and USPS.com.  Rates have gone up dramatically through the USPS.  We have secured a lower rate through Stamps.com.  Please Note:  We do not profit from shipping as we add Insurance to every order.


Guess what shows up on the decal??? ALL Black.  If you want ALL black we can sell you those but don't be that person that thinks the design will still show up!

The Tracking # that you just emailed is not valid

When we create the shipping label it's actually not in the Post Office Tracking System UNTIL they scan the package! And, it may take a few hours for their system to be updated. Why? We package orders all day long. We don't drop them off at the Post Office until 4:30PM PST. So, common sense says if we created the label at 10:00am the scan update won't happen till later in the day.  Common Sense not so Common is it?


We are getting customers who are choosing the wrong model year for their vehicle. Every Ford Model and year may have a unique size. Give us the wrong information and we may send you the wrong size decal! We send you TWO emails as well as the opportunity to check your order online to make sure it is correct. Please pay attention to what you are trying to order. Thanks!

What are Wraps?

Our Wraps are vinyl decals that go over the existing factory Ford or Chevy emblems. Made from Premium Cast Vinyl Air Release Material.

Yes, air release as the material on the back side of the vinyl decal has air channels. They are there to help you with the installation so that you don't get bubbles and or creases during installation. If you do just press down with your fingers and it will go away. It's the same material we use to wrap vehicles with!

I ordered decals and you sent me stickers?

We sure did!  Guess what they are the same thing, kinda. In the automotive industry they are decals.  Stickers are cheep stuff you buy at Wal-Mart and are not waterproof and or vehicle grade.  Not designed for outdoor use.

Are these real emblems?

Love this question.  Ford and Chevy charge $30.00 - $50.00 each for their Factory Emblems.  I'm sure you would love for us to send you real custom designed ones for 9.99-19.99 each.  Not going to happen.  As stated above these are DECALS-STICKERS-SKINS-OVERLAYS (Do you need more of a description?) that go over the existing Factory Emblems.  Again, NO THEy ARE NOT REPLACEMENT EMBLEMS.

Do you use real chrome vinyl?

Yes and No...Huh? Real chrome vinyl is great for applying on flat surfaces. Yes, they do make chrome vinyl in air release however that vinyl is 10x more expensive. Is only rated for outdoors use from 2-3 years. In sunny states like California, Arizona and Nevada that rating goes down to 6 months. We print a 3D Chrome Effect on Premium Cast Vinyl Air Release. So that it's easy for you to install and it still looks great!

How long does it take to ship?

Always seems to be confusion on shipping times.  When we receive the order it takes 5-7 business days excluding weekends and holidays to ship out your order.  If you choose Priority Mail that does NOT mean it goes out faster.  Priority Mail means the US Post Office ships it faster to your door.  We don't carry much inventory of any given design.  That is due to a lot of designs and color combinations available.  We want to send you a fresh product not one that has been collecting dust in our warehouse.

Once the order does ship you will get 3 emails.  (2) contain tracking #s and (1) that gives you an update that the order has been completed.

Will I get a tracking # ?

Yes, you sure will when the order ships.  Our shipping software automatically sends it out.  We also update your online order with the tracking information and our shopping cart sends that to you as well.  Therefore, you get two emails that we shipped your order.  If you didn't get the emails then your mail account is treating our emails as SPAM which we have NO control over.

When I get at tracking # how long does it take to arrive?

That is a question for the US Post Office NOT us!  Hence why we send you a tracking # which you can check on the status online at the US Post Office via www.usps.com they will give you the estimated time of arrival.  Again, not us.  Please don't email us asking us this question.  We get over 400+ emails a day.  When we are closed for the weekend and open back up on a Monday that is over 800+ emails to deal with. Not trying to be rude.  We get numerous emails of people who ordered after 5PM on a Friday and are wondering if the order shipping the following Monday. Do you think we are Amazon Prime? If the order shipped again, you will get two email notifications with the tracking #.

What happens when customers give us the wrong mailing address?

Well the package comes back to us!  Which will delay the order getting to you! We have to send it out again.  Most times we send it at our own expense, not sure why we do that since you don't know where you live...ha ha.  However, if you don't email us the correct address kinda hard to send you the package again, right?

Why do custom orders take so long?

Lots of factors.  You sent us artwork that we have to clean up and reproduce this takes time for our designers to do with their current work load.  Most times customers send us a jpeg from the internet.  Guess what that file is low resolution and is only 72 dpi.  It's designed for the internet.  NOT printing.  We print at 1440 dpi.  We send you a proof.  If you don't respond to approving the proof your order gets delayed.  Again, check your emails.  Hotmail, Yahoo and especially AOL (AOL Hell please get a new mail account!) users treat our emails as SPAM. You chose a font we don't have.  We will email you asking you to send the actual font via email.  Check that SPAM folder again!  Don't send us a link or a sample of what it looks like.  Send us the NAME of the font.  If you don't know how to do that Google it! :)

I screwed up the installation can I get another decal?

Sure can.  Order a new one!  If you burnt your morning toast do you call Wonder Bread and request two new slices?  Yeah, I know silly question.  Then why would you ask us to replace a decal at no charge when we didn't screw up the installation?

Can I return my product for an exchange or refund?

Yes your sure can!  However, don't send us something that you tried to apply to your factory emblem.  Then peel it off and stick on a piece of paper and send it back to us.  That is a used product and we can't resell it.  It goes in the trash can!  Yeah, people do this and think they can get away from it.  We are NOT Nordstroms where you can return anything any time.  Now that is out of the way.  If it's brand new, just the way your received it.  Yes, send it back to us with a note as to why your sending it back to us.  Really helps to tell us that your want a refund or an exchange instead of us opening the return package and only the decal is in the package.  

Why isn't your company answering it's voicemail?

Probably because we are tired of some of you telling us how great your ride is.  Or, maybe we are stuck on the phone a lot of the time during the day taking orders. Yeah, some people are old school and don't want to order online. Especially, the guy in the dealership parts department. For a faster response to your questions send us an email at sales@autografixdesigns.com. Also, don't leave us a voicemail without the order ID #.  The order ID# is the easiest way to look up your order.  And, don't leave us a 3 min voicemail and at the end you leave your call back number but you say it so fast we can't even understand what you said.  Your probably won't get a call back.  I guess your should of sent us an email!

Do you guys like profanity?

Funny we drop the f-bomb a lot during the day.  It doesn't offend us.  However, when you send us an email cussing us out we won't respond.  If we sent you an email cussing you out because you sent us the wrong shipping address how would you respond?  Probably tell us to f-bomb off in the email most likely.  So, use some respect and we will do the same.  We are human and make mistakes.  If we send you the wrong design or color we didn't do it on purpose as much as you might think we did.  We once had a customer email us and every other word was F this and that.  Why didn't we respond to his email within 20 mins.  Some things we can't control and somethings are not as important.  When you have an employee and one of their parents is in the hospital and might not be alive by the end of the day.  It puts life into perspective.  We send the employee home to be with that person.  That person just happened to be the one answering emails and voicemails that week.  So we got short handed and took longer to get to your questions...

Ford Decals don't cover up the Ford Lettering on the Emblem?

They do cover them up but if you look closely you can see the Ford imprint. There is no way around this unless you smooth out the surface prior to installing the decals

What is the difference between Gloss Black and Flat Black?

It's when you're hiding under a rock for the last 5-8 years and the darkness from doing so makes your eyes see different blacks as different colors

I'm sure we will have more questions and answers to the most frequent or oddly questions as we get them.  Thanks for your business and keep modifying your vehicle with our kewl stuff!


Well great guess what?  Not going to get it now!  We will automatically cancel and refund the order!


Then why are you here wasting our time?  We are really just sarcastic car junkies that tell it like it is.  I don't have time to sugar coat things to give you a warm fuzzy.  I'll let your mommy or girlfriend or whatever do that for you. And, we don't believe in participation trophies either.  This offends you?  Well guess what then just move along!